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Kratom, also known scientifically as, mitragyna speciosa, is an ever green tree that grows naturally in South East Asia, specifically in the Indochina Floral Region, and has been cultivated in their native lands for thousands of years. It has been harvested, processed, and sold to the locals for centuries and is now sold world wide. Only problem is, Kratom has now been illegal in Thailand, where it grows wild, for over 70 years. That is about ten years short of when the first plant was outlawed in the U.S. and the story as to how this ‘make kratom illegal’ process started, isn’t much different from any other story about the powers that be trying to make a large profit, even if it means hindering the well-being of plants and people.

Let’s start back at the end of the 19th century in Thailand, back then, the village was known as Siam. And 50 percent of the Siam’s government’s revenue was coming from taxes on things such as, opium monopolies, alcohol permits, gambling, and lotteries. This being so, it is safe to assume that the government wasn’t too concerned with their citizen’s moral choices, as long as they were getting a slice of the money pie. The government was greedy, and with a growing population of people gambling and consuming opium, they figured they would levy duties and taxes on users and owners of opium shops, making it even more expensive for the public to afford their choices. That’s when a large majority of Siam’s people had to find alternatives, for it simply was too expensive for the lifestyle of the poor villagers to afford.

At the beginning of the East Asian War, in 1942, it was very apparent the profit from the opium trade had considerably gone down, and something had to be done. And that something, was making the Kratom Act of 1943, which prohibited the plant in Thailand in every way possible. Which made it illegal to buy, sell, trade, or possess. The entire motive behind the act was purely for profit, and had nothing to do with the ridiculous claims that Kratom was dangerous. By 1979, Kratom was listed in the Thai Narcotics Act, under schedule 5 narcotic, next to the likes of LSD and heroine. This step was the killer, for once a plant or tree makes its way into a law, it makes it extremely hard to get grants for funding further research on the plant or tree, only causing more uncertainty and ignorance upon the masses.

The best way to defeat a lie is to tell the truth. First off, there has never been a reported fatality from Kratom in the thousands of years it has been grown and cultivated. And any remaining historical documents that contain information on the subject of Kratom, speak of it very positively. Unfortunately due to kratom being made illegal in Thailand and now the threat of the same laws in the states, research on this amazing tree may slow to a halt. Mitragynine, is the main alkaloid that is found to be in the leaves along with many other alkaloids.

The reason prohibition and propaganda against this is still so relevant, is because of the infamous World Wide War. When governments keep such ludicrous regulations on parts of nature that have been around much longer than humans themselves, one must realize there is a bigger picture to be seen. The big guys profit from keeping these certain parts of nature illegal. It has been decades now that the World Wide War has been raging, and it is an epic failure.

This illogical war is the reason we here at Kratom Lounge stand by kratom! Since 2009 we have sourced and sold the highest quality kratom available on the market. We pledge to continue our job and hope you will join us in our effort.

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