Here Is Where Kratom Grows Naturally… 24/7/365!

Kratom is a green plant that grows naturally in some regions throughout the world. It is a tropical tree, that is usually 100 feet tall. The plant is in the coffee family, and has become really popular lately. Kratom usually comes from South East Asia, and that’s where almost all of it is grown. Here are the three regions where kratom grows the best:

1. Thailand Grows Kratom

One of the best natural growing regions for kratom is Thailand. Thailand is known for its warm weather, and it’s tropical environment. Kratom thrives with all the rain here too. Kratom doesn’t like it too cold. And lucky for Thailand, it never gets that cold.

2. Indonesia Grows Kratom

Another place that Kratom grows is Indonesia. The average temperature of Indonesia is about 82 degrees. Humidity is high and so is the average rain fall — both of these factors are great for kratom growth. Indonesia has tons of  sunlight throughout the day and Kratom plants need light to flourish! Indonesia is one of the top places to naturally grow kratom.

3. Malaysia Grows Kratom

The last final place on our list is Malaysia. Malaysia has an average temperature of about 83 degrees. That is the perfect temperature to grow Kratom or to maintain a Kratom plant. And that’s why kratom flourishes in Malaysia!

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