(ANSWERED) Where Can I Buy Kratom | Online Or In Store Find Out Here..

Kratom is one of the latest and hottest trends on the marketplace today. This natural herb is native to South East Asia where it was historically used in tea form. Individuals who are wondering “Where can I buy kratom?” or “Where can I buy kratom extract” will find the answers right here. The biggest issue with purchasing kratom on the Internet is figuring out who to buy kratom from. Since different brands offer a different product, it can take several purchases before you find the best brand of kratom for you.

Where Can I Buy Kratom Online?

Before you buy kratom online, you should be aware of its legality. Kratom is completely legal to purchase, grow and use in most states. But do make sure it is legal in yoiur state before purchasing. At the time of this article kratom was illegal in: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, & Washington DC. Unfortunately, we can’t ship to any of those states. But we can and do ship to every other state! J

Kratom is also legal to purchase in Latin America, Africa and Europe. The only places that have restrictions on its use are Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Myanmar.

Although kratom is perfectly legal in most areas, it does not mean that it is easy to buy. Like many alcohol and tobacco laws, kratom can only be purchased in certain places by people who are above the age of 18. Sometimes you can even find it in these stores, but usually the prices are crazy expensive. Some smaller tobacco shops may not sell it, but it should be available in larger tobacco shop. A good rule of thumb for buyers is not to expect kratom to be sold in a tobacco shop that does not sell items like salvia.

On-line Retailers

There are several on-line retailers of kratom, but finding a good one can be difficult. There are many popular sites to buy kratom, but we do hope you buy from us. We’ve been selling kratom since 2009 and even though we’re not the biggest site — Nobody beats us on service, quality, and price. Many kratom aficionados pick us because we offer a 100% money back guarantee. That way you can test us out with no risk, and no worry!

On-line kratom websites are generally the best choice for the experienced buyer. Buyers who buy kratom on-line will find better prices and more varieties for sale. The only negative is that buyers will have to wait for their kratom to ship. For the buyer who just cannot wait, purchasing kratom at a brick-and-mortar shop is a better choice. But really, we’re super fast! All orders ship the same day if ordered by 1pm and it usually takes 2-3 days max to deliver. We even have overnight shipping options available, but the cost is is about $25 – $30 to ship overnight.

Things to Remember

Many on-line retailers have different grades of kratom leaves. These grades of kratom might be called premium or super. For the average retailer, there will not actually be a noticeable difference between each grade of leaves. Buyers should also be wary about where they are buying their kratom from. Some disreputable sellers have tried to pass off cheaper herbs as kratom to make a quick buck. Users should always remember to read reviews by real clients before making a purchase. This issue can also be avoided by making a purchase from one of the better known kratom vendors — Like Us! 🙂

Age Requirement

Instead of allowing anyone to purchase kratom, retailers have chosen to only allow adults to purchase it. There is not a law that requires them to do it, but it helps to keep adolescents safe and prevent kratom from being misused.

Not For Consumption

Here at Kratom Lounge, we do not sell products for human consumption.

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