From Harvest To Your Home

Want to know how we get top notch kratom to your door so quick?

The kratom journey starts overseas where the product is harvested. Let’s walk through the entire process so you can get a glimpse of how kratom makes it from harvest to your home.

Who we import kratom from…

First, it starts with selecting the right suppliers. We’ve been in this game along time and have seen suppliers come and go. They come and go so quick. And usually when they go they leave with a bag of cash from unshipped orders, or they just can’t get product through customs anymore.

So picking suppliers is crucial. And We’ve got a little over 10+ years experience with importing kratom from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We’ve been buying from some of our current suppliers for years. And some of them sell almost exclusively to us.

We import from both big and small growers. And from harvesters all over remote regions in Indonesia.

We’ve been to Indonesia. We’ve met with some of our suppliers in person. And we feel proud to say that we’re helping feed families, and grow businesses not just here in the states — but all around the world!

These relationships we’ve developed really help us ensure such a consistent product. But really, it’s more than just who we buy from. It’s how we deal with our suppliers that keep them loving us.

How we deal with our suppliers…

It all starts with a strong relationship built on trust. That’s the foundation, without that we don’t have much. But how do we gain trust?

We always state what we’re going to do before hand. And then we follow through. Plus, we pay fair prices and don’t try to nickel and dime our dealers to death. We’re here to help make their lives easy, so they can make our lives easy as well!

It’s a win-win for everybody. Now, we know. When importing kratom there is sure to be issues at the border. But we show our integrity and always split the losses with our suppliers whenever something gets stopped or seized. Nobody wants to lose, but this lessens the impact and helps keep us all in the game.

How we import consistently…

It’s all about small batch importing. Which means we get TONS of small 20 – 50kg orders coming in every single day. But we talk more about that on this page right here, so check that out to learn more about how we ensure our product keeps getting delivered.

How we store our inventory…

With a constant flow of product coming in, we make sure that nothing sits on the shelf too long. Typically product is only in our warehouse 2-4 weeks before it’s out the door.

And when it’s in our warehouse it’s stored in low light conditions in temperature controlled rooms. That way it stays fresh and ready to hit your doorstep.

How we ship direct to you…

Once you place your order it’ll be out our warehouse the same day. We’re literally sitting by here all the time — packing orders almost as they come in. We offer both Priority Mail and Express mail service which means you almost always get your order in 1-3 days! That’s quick.

And that’s how kratom goes from harvest to your home.

Why we do what we do