Top 10 Most Popular Kratom Strains of 2019

You’ve likely been hearing plenty of buzz about kratom in the past few years. Maybe you’ve been itching to break into the world of kratom yourself, but you’re not sure where to begin. It’s a very common problem. Considering all the different types, colors, and regions of origin that are out there, it’s natural to get pretty confused. That’s why we decided to rank the top 10 kratom strains based on popularity and quality.

10. Green Horn Kratom

Like many others, this kratom strain is imported from Indonesia. More specifically, it comes from the island of Borneo. What sets it apart is its rarity. You don’t see this strain every day, making it a highly desired type of kratom and earning it a place at number 10 on our list.

9. Red Borneo Kratom

Borneo is the third-largest island on Earth, so it’s not surprising that such a diverse range of kratom varieties grow there. The red vein variety makes number nine on our list of popular kratom strains. It’s closely related to the white variety of Indonesian strains, which means it has many similar qualities. However, it also stands out on its own and is a favorite of many of our devoted customers.

8. White Maeng Da Kratom

Although it’s not the all-time favorite overall, white maeng da kratom has plenty of fans. Many people feel that this is the perfect strain of kratom. There’s something so special about white kratom leaves. Since they tend to grow closer to the center of the tree, it’s believed that they’re more infused with the tree’s vital life force, giving them a mystical property that earns white maeng da the number-eight spot on our list.

7. Green Malay Kratom

In its country of origin, this Malaysian strain of kratom is known as keetum. Its oval-shaped leaves are a happy sight for harvesters, who aim to find this popular strain when they head out to harvest a new batch. This strain has been a hit in Malaysia for a long time, and it’s equally popular among our customers here in the United States. That’s why we placed it at number seven on our list.

6. Red Maeng Da Kratom

Much like the white variety, red maeng da kratom has numerous excellent properties. This strain is even more popular thanks to its high quality and the fact that it appeals to so many different types of people. If you like the maeng da white, you should try the red variety, which is grown and harvested in Thailand.

5. Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green maeng da is a king among kratom strains and is thought to have started the kratom craze here in the United States. Of all varieties, this Thai strain is most commonly imported into the country. It’s a long-time top seller, and we’ve ranked it number five on our list due to popularity and excellent quality.

4. Red Horn Kratom

Many of our customers say this is their favorite of all red strains. It has all the qualities of a typical red strain, but it offers a level of quality that is tough to beat. Its name comes from its spiky leaves, which let Indonesian harvesters know they’ve found the strain they’re looking for. This high-end strain has many great attributes to offer, earning it fourth place on our list.

3. U.E.I. Kratom

U.E.I. kratom, also known as ultra-enhanced Indo kratom, is an incredible extract that combines the attributes of both the traditional Bali and Indonesian strains. Without a doubt, this is one of the best types of kratom you can buy. It’s incredibly popular with our customers, which is why it’s near the top of our list.

2. Green Bali Kratom

The runner up on our list comes straight from the Indonesian island of Bali. The island is mostly known as a tourist hotspot, but what many don’t know is that it’s also a major player in the kratom market. Green Bali kratom offers affordability without sacrificing quality, which is one reason it’s so popular. Many of our customers consider this their go-to strain and stock up on it every time they visit our store.

1. Premium Maeng Da

Here you have it. We’ve ranked premium maeng da kratom as number one on our list. When it comes to quality, you simply won’t find anything better than this strain, which blends the white and green varieties of maeng da together. If you like either of those varieties, this is the perfect kratom for you. It’s the high-end strain that beats out the rest.

Now that you know a thing or two about kratom strains, you might want to try them out for yourself. Place your order with Kratom Lounge today, and we’ll quickly ship your kratom in discreet packaging. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re a quick email away.

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