Three Tips To Keep Your Kratom Fresh

Convenience may be important to you, but keeping your Kratom fresh takes a little bit of effort. If the
aroma begins to fade, your herbs could be on their way to expiring. Follow these suggestions and keep
your investment healthy for up to a year or longer.

First of all, ground herbs should always be kept in an airtight container. Air will allow the aroma to
dissipate, just like a bowl of potpourri begins to lose its potency when placed in a room. Products such as salt and pepper are able to retain their scent and taste because they are heavily laced with

Secondly, keep your supply of Kratom in a dark area that never exceeds 70-degrees F. Warmth is a
herb’s worst enemy. Never keep kratom close to the stove or other heating element. The heat that is generated from cooking will have an adverse effect on the quality of Kratom, no matter how well sealed.

Thirdly, keep dampness away from Kratom. If you dip a measuring spoon into a container of Kratom,
make sure that it is clean and dry. Amber glass jars with airtight lids are perfect for keeping herbs
fresh but can be difficult to locate. Airtight plastic bags are sufficient for short-term storing as long as they are well-protected from light, heat, and dampness. Place plastic bags in a sealed plastic container for longer storage.

You can never go wrong with storing your airtight container in a refrigerator or freezer. Remember,
Kratom is a plant that deserves the same respect as a head of lettuce. Just be sure that there is no
exposure to refrigerated air that can do damage to the contents by condensation. This method can expand the shelf life to two years or more.

Following these suggestions can guarantee that your Kratom will be as aromatic as it is when you receive it.

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