The Beauty of Bitcoin

Anything that is new is automatically mistrusted until it stands the pressure of time. Bitcoin is no different than any other payment form except for the sender to have a larger degree of freedom from outside entities. You see, Bitcoin users are the force and responsible party that controls the entire system.

Bitcoin was released to the public in January 2009. Almost every malfunction, security breach and illegal activity that has been found by using this digital currency, has become top news with the media. This does not make Bitcoin unworthy of using, only heavily criticized as a newly developed way of processing money.

The interesting concept of Bitcoin is becoming more and more user friendly to merchants in conducting day-to-day business who collect millions of cash transactions from clients. For each credit card or bank account that is suddenly compromised, merchants are stuck in the middle of a third party catastrophe. Lost transactions, stop payments, and other difficulties can also cause merchants to spend countless time and money in coming to resolutions. Bitcoin is proving that there is an easier and less expensive way to do business.

The great aspect of Bitcoin is the ability to instantly send or receive money throughout the world in seconds. There are no holidays, no cash limits, and no waiting on approvals from banking institutions. You are in charge of your own funds and are free to distribute them as you see fit. Personal information can be kept from moving with each transaction and funds are cryptographically secure. Fees are much lower than what credit card companies charge and there are no parties that can put a hold on your funds.

Technology, the Internet, and even global trading, have seen rapid changes in the past decade. It is a new age and a new world where much of the control is held by a handful of stockholders. Bitcoin bypasses this tired old theory, lessening manipulation by a few. As more and more merchants begin to see the quality and ease of using Bitcoin, users will also increase in confidence.

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