It is our goal to become the company you can count on for consistent high quality kratom combined with excellent customer service. It’s a common company goal, but as you well know, in this industry it seems hard for companies to maintain.

If you ever have an experience with us that rubs you the wrong way, I will be here and make sure it is fixed. That shouldn’t happen though. 🙂

Talk to you soon,
-Christina Parker

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That sounds wonderful, they are the best vendor I’ve found and I’ve been trying different ones for 3 years, the customer service “Ken” is the only one I prefer to deal with, he’s wonderful, it’s the partner and loyalty that makes me want to find a vender as good or preferably better than mmmspecicoa although the only thing I order now is the Plantation 100 grams twice a week, I have tried everything else ? ? , not good- plus shipping is unreliable, they also stopped w/ coupon codes , I spend a lot of $ with them and you would think after all this time they would try and save a customer instead of losing one:)! Thanks, again. I look forward to trying your product.
Have a great day? .