We’re a Small Batch Importer

What’s worse….

Bad product or no product?

Neither, right?

You don’t want either of these problems.
And neither do we!

And that’s exactly what can happen when you import big batches of kratom.

What do you do when you get 2 tons of bad quality product?

Do you think you just throw it away? No way, vendors can’t typically take losses that big. So instead, they run big sales and just sell through it. Or they mix it in with other product so they can get it out the door.

Or just as bad…

How about when your 2 tons of kratom gets stuck at customs and you’ve got all this inventory and money locked up?

It’s not looking good. And that puts many kratom dealers out of business…

For good.

That’s why a few years back we decided that the normal business routine of:

Buy bigger and bigger quantities to save more and more…

Just doesn’t work with kratom.

So what did we do?


And it’s secured our supply chain ever since! Quite literally, we have small 20 – 50kg orders flowing through customs almost daily — like clockwork! 🙂

This is how we can ensure that our quality is top notch. Because if an import doesn’t pass our quality checks….

It’s only 25KG! So we just throw it away!

That’s also how we guarantee always available and in stock kratom…

Because it’s coming through almost daily! Non-stop, the boxes show up, we unpack and test, weigh everything up, and ship it out!

That’s exactly why we’re a small batch importer… for life!

Why we do what we do