Relax we don’t play kratom games

We’ve been in this game A-L-O-N-G time! Since 2009 to be exact! Yes, that’s long before a lot of these kratom games (a.k.a. kratom problems) even existed. Shoot, it’s a long time before kratom was even on the radar here in the states. So yes, we’ve seen a lot. Yes, we’ve been through a lot. Yes, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

And that’s why we’re here today. We’re here to tell you all that we’ve learned over the last many years. And specifically…

What that means when it comes to your experience if you do decide to buy kratom from us.

So here it goes. If you do decide to join the lounge…


1. We don’t ship untested products

Never will we ship out a batch that has not been tested. We know you count on consistent quality, and that’s what we deliver. So rest assured, and know that every batch that comes in gets tested before it gets shipped out.

That means each and every shipment is guaranteed to be consistent — and up to the quality standards you expect from us.

2. We don’t add any filler of fluff

It’s astonishing what some people will do for a profit. And honestly, this ‘filler problem’ doesn’t happen too much. But it does happen. We’ve seen it happen multiple times over the years.

So we promise you — when dealing with the Lounge you will never get anything besides 100% kratom. No filler. No fluff. Ever.

3. We don’t make up funny names

Green Pow Wow & Red Mamba Jamba? No, not here! We don’t make up silly names so that you are forced to come to us for product. We believe in our product, we believe in our service, and we believe that if we do our job then you might just come back to us anyway — without funny and catchy product names!

We try our best to just use the region where the product was grown to identify the strain that’s being sold.

4. We don’t mislabel product

We sell what we receive. No changes to the product, and no changing the names of the product. If a supplier sells us Red Maeng Da, then we ship Red Maeng Da. We don’t ship anything else.

Some vendors are known to only stock a couple strains and then just ship those for everything. But, we know, when you want Bali — you want to actually receive Bali. So rest assured, when you buy from us we’ll always ship exactly what you ordered.

5. We don’t run a bunch of websites

This is our only kratom website. Period. We don’t operate a bunch of different sites to try and dupe you into buying from us. We don’t have different prices on different websites. We just don’t do that.

This website right here is the only site that you can get our product. It’s the official Kratom Lounge. And it’s the only website we operate.

6. We don’t over charge

Now, funny story. We actually did sell kratom for $450/kg at one point in time. That was back in 2009 — and kratom was expensive back then! But it’s not as expensive today because entrepreneurs in Indonesia have started to build exporting into their business model!

Now, we’re not the cheapest vendor in town. But for the consistent quality you get, and for the type of service you count on —- nobody beats us on price!

7. We don’t take forever to ship orders

When you order kratom you want it fast. So we ship all orders the same day they are received. As long as it comes in before 2pm and as long it’s not a Sunday or postal holiday that is.

Basically — order early in the day, and it ships the same day. It’s as simple as that.

8. We don’t take forever to reply to emails

Three days for an email reply? Two days? Even the next day? When you have questions, you want answers. We expect the same. So whenever you email us — we reply quick! Test us 🙂

Usually we reply within the hour (unless we’re sleeping of course). And most of the time you’ll get a reply within minutes.

9. We don’t treat you like crap

You have a ton of choices when buying kratom online today. We know that. So when you email us, you can know that we want you here. And we want to talk to you.

You’re not some pain in the A&& getting in our way. No way. And I bet if you’ve emailed a few companies you’ll notice they are short on words and tall on attitude. Not here, we consider you a friend, and we act accordingly.

10. We don’t ever leave you feeling unhappy

We can’t guarantee to NEVER have ANY issues ever. This is the real world. Things happen sometimes. But we can promise to always make it right! And we live by this. If you are ever unhappy for any reason let us know — and we’ll make it right.

That’s it! That’s the 10 things we here at Kratom Lounge vow to never do! So if you’re feeling our vibe then get in touch with us via email! Or, place an order and see how quick, consistent, and real we are!

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