Payment Methods We Accept

As you may very well know…

Accepting payments for kratom is a tough business! That is not good news for either you or us. 🙁

Here’s why…

The credit card companies seem to want to put a stop to kratom. And they make it extremely difficult to open accounts. Then sometimes, after they open an account, they will shut it down without notice.

So here at Kratom Lounge….

We’ve decided against fighting the credit card companies. Instead, we’ve come up with a few unique payment methods that have been working for years to keep us in business and selling kratom online:

Amazon Gift Card: 

With this option you can actually use your credit card through Amazon to pay us! It’s really simple and quick and is most like the traditional ‘pay with a credit card method’. This payment method only delays your order a couple hours (the time it takes for you to get the amazon gift card and send it to us)

Electronic Check:

You can use your checking account to pay for your order online. This payment method can delay your shipment 2-7 days if this is the first time you’re ordering from us. We’ll ship once your check clears.

Cash On Delivery:

You can just pay with cash or money order when your order is delivered. Minimum COD order is $100 and on first time COD orders we do require a money order payment + a photo of the money order before we ship. (This is to reduce the amount of orders that don’t get picked up as we still have to pay shipping expenses on these orders)

Digital Currency:

Pay online with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and More!

Money Order:

Mail us a money order or cashiers check.

Why we do what we do