New Kratom Strains: Kali & Hulu Kapuas In Stock Now

Venture beyond the bustling villages, sacred temples, and colorful marketplaces of Borneo, Indonesia, and you’ll eventually find yourself in the jungles of Kalimantan. It’s within this remote part of the world that the newest additions to our kratom collection are grown and harvested. Kali and Hulu Kapuas are two kratom varieties that are a must have for any dedicated kratom fan.

Indonesia is really meeting high marks when it comes to exporting great varieties of kratom. There’s so much diversity in the types of kratom that grow in the area thanks to the lush and complex ecosystem. Some of the Indonesian strains aren’t seen very often, such as Hulu Kapuas kratom. It can be quite rare, but thanks to our wide network of trusted kratom harvesters, we’ve finally locked down a steady source of this great product.

Kali Kratom: Trust in a Top-shelf Variety

What could be more exciting than adding Kali kratom to your collection? This is a very special type of kratom that only grows in the Kalimantan region of Borneo. The region has a special ecosystem and nutritious soil that makes for a high-quality kratom leaf. Mitragyna speciosa trees, the source for kratom, grow along riverbanks and are among many of the species that thrive in the tropical ecosystem. For millennia, wise people have believed that tropical environments such as this offer many gifts to humanity. The Kali strain is one such gift.

Hulu Kapuas Kratom: Test Out a Truly Rare Kratom Strain

Much like Kali kratom, the Hulu kratom comes from the Kalimantan. However, Hulu Kapuas is special thanks to its rarity. You won’t find this variety of kratom at any old online store. This stuff only grows on the riverbanks of the Kapuas, which flows through some of the most remote parts of Borneo. There aren’t any major cities near the Kapuas. The village of Putussibau is the closest area of civilization, which means harvesters must do some serious trekking and exploring to find this strain. It’s both the rarity and the high quality that make it a must-have strain for anyone with a passion and fascination for kratom.

If you haven’t tried Kali or Hulu kratom yet, now is the time. We’re offering these two kratom varieties at a great price, and with our wide range of size options, it’s easy to try out a little or stock up on a lot.

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