2014: Kratom News or Propaganda?


Ah, the power of words. They can start wars, tell stories or as we see daily from the media, deceive the public. How can we forget words such as Weapons of Mass Destruction, or Titanium Tubes? Both terms were instrumental in the deaths of 100,000’s of lives, yet they were lies. Sure, there are some who will dispute this claim, but they will die of old age soon enough. It’s up to us not to forget these are word games and be vigilant in researching claims by media “experts”.

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What was once known as “propaganda” is now merely referred to as “journalism”. Fox News, of course, is known as today’s granddaddy of misinformation. Although MSNBC is not much better. Fox has enlisted its own army of small-minded “journalists” to spread its message of disdain for just about anything that doesn’t directly serve their corporate masters. This goes the same for all other popular news media in America as well.

It’s more than just the words that establish a successful smear campaign. Lets look at the good old Pharma industry for examples of “bad words, good outcomes”. We see their endless ad campaigns each night as we try our best to channel-surf around their never ending message. They use what I refer to as ‘reverse-smears’. In a reverse smear, Pharma has to disclose any known side-effects caused by their latest product. This is accomplished at the end of each commercial by calmly stating the dangers of popping their pills as you watch a couple walk though a hillside of flowers. If you pay close attention to the warnings, you would no more take their cure than you would poke a steak knife up your ass. But the pretty visuals overpower the required verbal warnings and the result is more sales and less liability (we warned you).

Natural = Low Profits

Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug, alongside heroin and acid. This is old news, but needs to be addressed to put things in perspective. Placing pot on the same list as heroin, assures that clinical trials are rarely performed Without trials, the propaganda machine still works. If the propaganda machine works, real data evades the media and the masses remain ignorant. Unfortunately for some, each generation has learned more on the subject (thanks internet!) and now over half the population thinks pot should be legalized. Yet it remains Schedule 1. We can learn a lot by the road marijuana has travelled.

Guilt By Association

In a story I read about the Kratom Craze, the author points out that Kratom has taken over shelf space in head shops, once occupied by “spice” and “bath salts”. Really? Your going to label a centuries-old plant that grows naturally, with bathtub-quality chemicals cooked up in a trailer in some remote desert, ala Breaking Bad? That one sentence by the author, steered the story away from being an informative article on Kratom, into just another propaganda hit piece.

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