Throughout the history of plants, humankind has made many discoveries as to the climate, and regions of specific plants and how they can change depending on weather and growing conditions. One such substances is kratom, which is naturally found in plant life growing in the wild. Kratom was discovered centuries ago and is found to grow in Indonesia, Malaysia, & Thailand.

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, comes from a species of tree naturally found in Southeast Asia. It comes from the Rubiaceae family, which houses many other plants as well. The leaf is a section of the plant used when making kratom powder. Mitragyna speciosa and the coffea plants both belong to the Rubiceae family and are somewhat closely related in the genus. Caffeine naturally occurs in the coffea plants and is used as a protection for the plants. The alkaloids in the Kratom plant were discovered and more closely investigated when it was discovered the two had a link through their genus.

Kratom has been studied at length. Chemically speaking, Kratom contains several chemical compounds called alkaloids. Over 25 different types of alkaloids have been found in Kratom leaves. Kratom Lounge only sources and provides the highest alkaloid content kratom found on the market. We have been an established kratom retailer since 2009, before kratom was more readily available and well known.

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