Grow Your Own Kratom Plants At Home (A Full & Complete Guide)

Why Grow kratom?

I think there are good reasons why any proponent of Kratom ought to consider growing the plant. The first being that, when and if their plants ever reach a size, maturity and alkaloid level that is adequate, then they would know for certain its entire plant life history.

A second reason is perhaps less immediate but just as important. It is a statement and is active support for assuring the prevalence of the plant. If the plants are everywhere, then it becomes next to impossible to eradicate them through any misguided civil action. This is why the effort to eradicate it in Thailand since 1943 has been so unsuccessful. It’s everywhere. Short sighted and short lived law enforcement campaigns will have a difficult time if the plant is in many pots in many cities and also naturalized in the areas whose climate is similar to its native one.

A third reason is to participate in spreading education about the plant and its properties. Owning a plant it will make it visible. Conversation will ensue in which you can educate people about the value of the plant and its potential. Raising awareness levels about the plant will raise the numbers of people who would like to see the plant protected and not legislated into scarcity or non existence.

How to Grow Kratom

Kratom can be grown successfully as a potted plant making it easy for even apartment dwellers to grow. It is from a tropical climate, so indoor temperatures will work fairly well for it. It does need high humidity, though, so it is well to put a large tray filled with stones, sand or gravel under the pot. This can be stocked with water at all times so that the evaporating water from the tray will bring humidity up around the plant through the day. This humidity tray should be just slightly larger in diameter than the pot.

Watering of the soil in the pot is a little more exacting. You should start with a soil mix that is just slightly acid and is free of bacteria and mold. Good potting mixes are pasteurized to rid them of diseases. A good, light mixture for potting would be Black Magic, or Miracle Grow, or some other mix with a high humus level, usually intended for ferns or azaleas. The soil should be kept just moist, not being allowed to dry out between waterings, but not kept soggy wet. How often to re-water will depend upon the time of year and the air movement in your room. Allow the soil to just begin to feel dry to the touch on top before watering again.

Try to place it in the brightest room of the house, but not in the direct sunlight. It can burn that way. The room should be bright enough that your hand held up casts a shadow on the wall. Allow enough room. They can get quite large. Eventually reaching waist height or chest height even in a container. You will want to pinch out the new growth two to three times a year to encourage bushiness.

It can be difficult to fertilize potted plants correctly since it is very easy for them to burn from too much fertilizer or to go hungry from lack of it. A container holds a finite amount of fertilizer. When it is gone it is gone. For this reason it is a good idea to use Schultz or some similar brand. Schulz is used in a very weak solution every time you water. So, you don’t burn and it doesn’t go hungry.

Finding Kratom Plants

This can take some perseverance. A simple search for “kratom plants for sale” in Google will turn up a number of websites. At the time of this writing, though, most of these were sold out of stock, testifying to the popularity of the plant. Check these sites periodically and you will no doubt be able to order one online before too long. The going rate for one plant up and growing in a 4″ pot seems to run about $30 to $50 depending on the site.

Good Luck. Give it a try. Help educate your neighbor. Keep plants out of reach of infants. Help make kratom safe and available for everyone by helping to dispel misinformation.

Buying Kratom

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