Bali (Green Vein) Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder

There are many different types of Kratom available and the most common are the Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, Malay and Thai leaves, and we are able to offer you a selection of the kratom leaf in powder form. The amazing features of the Kratom leaf have been found for hundreds of years and the western world has only just begun to experience this amazing tree.

To produce the highest quality Kratom leaf powder it is widely said that they need to come from the oldest trees and the growing conditions need to be tropical. The deep tropics provide the best plants and leaves with excellent growing conditions and the jungle soils are perfect for the most effective growth of the plants. Choosing a reliable supplier for your Kratom powder can make a big difference in the quality of your kratom purchase and Kratom Lounge is a name you can trust.

We only source our kratom from Fair Trade Growers direct from the regions the kratom is from. We do not have middlemen or distribution companies which can delay the time the kratom get’s to you which can lower the quality and raise the price. View all of our powdered kratom leaf below, everyone enjoy’s a different aroma, so experiment with our different kratom strains.

Disclaimer: You must be atleast 18 years of age (21 in some jurisdictions). All of our products are for incense purposes only. Capsules and Tea Bags are for ornamental packaging purposes only. Our products are NOT for human consumption. To purchase you must reside in a jurisdiction where the products are not prohibited by law. You must read our Terms & Conditions before purchasing our products.

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