Bali (Green Vein) Kratom Powder

Kratom By The Kilo

Kratom Lounge has been selling kilos of kratom since 2009 and we may not be the biggest guys in town – but we’re the most consistent, reliable, and friendly 🙂

If you’re finding yourself spending a lot of money on kratom powder, why not save some time and money and buy your kratom kilos in bulk? At first glance, a kratom kilo might seem like a lot of powder — and $125 might seem like a lot of money — but once you’ve tried it, you’ll find that it’s much easier to buy in bulk.

You won’t have to order as much and wait for your kratom to come in the mail; you’ll save some money by getting our bulk discount; and you’ll have extra powder lying around for special occasions. And because we always sell the highest quality kratom, we think you’ll be glad to have a a little extra tucked away.

Unlike other online kratom retailers, which aren’t shy about selling cheap powder on the marketplace, we don’t accept anything less than the best for our customers. Every kratom kilo we receive undergoes a rigorous testing process. If a vendor sends us a substandard product, we drop all ties with that seller, no questions asked. At Kratom Lounge, we stand behind every product that we sell. We’re proud to offer high-quality kratom powder at competitive prices — and if it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for us.

When you buy a kratom kilo from us, we take every step to ensure that the packaging is discrete and your privacy is secured. We also offer some of the fastest shipping in the marketplace, often with a same-day turnaround. If you have questions about your order, our friendly customer service team is always waiting to assist you. In other words, we don’t just take your money and leave. We’re committed to helping you every step of the way, from the minute you place an order to the day you receive your package.

Purchase your kratom kilo with us and save big today. We have kilos of kratom starting at $125 and available in all the major strains: Bali, Maeng Da, Thai, Malay, Borneo, Sumatra Kratom kilos available today from Kratom Lounge!

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