Kratom 60X & 100X Discontinued

Customer complaints have brought attention to the mis-marketing of our 60X and 100X Kratom Extracts. Our first goal when purchasing was to re-launch the website with a new design and contact all customers to make sure there was not … Continue reading

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Press Release: Online Marketing Company Acquires Kratom Retailer

When opened its doors for business in 2009, they had an excellent business idea: Source the highest quality Kratom leaves from Southeast Asia and offer it to the public for a fair and reasonable price. Unfortunately, the original owners … Continue reading

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Three Tips to Keep Your Kratom Fresh

Convenience may be important to you, but keeping your Kratom fresh takes a little bit of effort. If the aroma begins to fade, your herbs could be on their way to expiring. Follow these suggestions and keep your investment healthy … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bitcoin

Anything that is new is automatically mistrusted until it stands the pressure of time. Bitcoin is no different than any other payment form except for the sender to have a larger degree of freedom from outside entities. You see, Bitcoin … Continue reading

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