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Types of Kratom



Kratom grows on a large tree that is native to Southeast Asia. The leaves are used medicinally and recreationally all around the world to provide a safe and effective experience. Kratom has been used for hundreds of years and continues to be enjoyed safely and responsibly around the world.

This experience consists of a pleasant and euphoric experience that can be stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Many users report feelings of deep empathy with other people, animals, and the world around them. These varied effects occur because there are many alkaloids within kratom leaves that interact with all the other alkaloids. The resulting effects make kratom into a highly potent but relatively safe medicinal plant with a wide range of positive effects.

Side effects of kratom include nausea and vomiting. However, once you know your way around the plant, it is easy to avoid these side effects by simply being careful with how much you take and how quickly you do so. Most side effects only occur when too much kratom has been taken.

Unlike the popular drug alcohol, kratom doesn’t have a hangover. However, kratom can become addicting and should be used responsibly and carefully. Fortunately, rare, low doses of kratom don’t appear to have much of an addictive effect; addiction is more likely to set in with regular, sustained, high doses. Once addicted, there is a withdrawal period but it is relatively easy to taper off.

Types of Kratom

There are different types of Kratom. However, there are also different vendors. This means that for some vendors, Bali might be the most potent and most sedative, while another vendor’s Bali kratom might be more stimulating and of a lower potency. This is because of all the factors that impact the quality of kratom: rainfall in the growing region, pesticide use, fertilizer use, the health of the soil, where the kratom was stored, when it was harvested, how long it was stored for, the microclimatic conditions, and so on. These factors accumulate and can impact the quality of kratom as well as the availability of certain active alkaloids that determine whether the kratom experience will be more sedative or stimulating.

Nevertheless, there are some general differences between the different types of kratom, which are named by where they were grown.

Bali is the most popular form of kratom. It is grown in large plantations in Bali, Indonesia. A wide range of alkaloids can be found within plants grown here, with the results making Bali kratom a well-rounded and pleasant experience. This means it has both the sedative and the stimulating effects that are common in kratom. The potency is usually slightly lower than the potency of other types of kratom like Thai. However, Bali is usually the cheapest and most cost effective way to safely enjoy the psychological benefits of the kratom plant.

If kratom is from other areas in Indonesia besides Bali, then the kratom is called Indo. Since the climate in other parts of Indonesia is generally similar to the climate in Bali, there aren’t many differences between Indo and Bali kratom. However, many people report that Indo kratom produces less nausea and has more of a stimulating effect.

Thai kratom, which is grown in Thailand, is by and large more stimulating than it is sedative. It is often more potent than Bali. This makes it a favorite among those who wish to really explore the stimulant side of the kratom mind-space.

Malaysian kratom has many of the stimulating alkaloids that Thai does. It is grown in Malaysia and has distinct but subtle unique properties. For instance, it has many of the sedative effects, meaning Malaysian kratom is very well rounded and versatile. Combined with the enhanced potency, and Malaysian kratom is a great choice for the curious kratom beginner and the seasoned kratom aficionado.

There is some debate on whether the red veined kratom is better than the white veined kratom, or vice-versa. This refers to the color of the veins of the leaf. However, there are no scientifically verified studies pointing towards either of the two vein colors. There is a possibility that red-veined leaves will have a different alkaloid make-up than the white-veined leaves; however, where the kratom is from is more important for potency and effects than what color the veins are.

Different Forms of Kratom

Fresh leaves are simply kratom leaves right after being picked from the tree. These are difficult to get unless you live in the local area of a kratom plantation. If you can get a hold of these, they can be chewed or made into a tea with a nice range of pleasurable effects.

Dried leaves are the most popular form of kratom. They are simply the picked leaves after they have been dried. Nothing is done to them beyond this. They are reported to contain the most well rounded kratom experience. This is likely because there have been no alterations, which means all of the original alkaloids should be intact.

Extracts – Extracts amplify the amount of active alkaloids in the kratom plant matter by concentrating them. This means you need less of an extract to enjoy kratom. However, extracts usually cost more than just using regular kratom leaves. Also, be sure to pay attention to the strength of the extract because this enables you to dose yourself accurately.

Blends – some vendors blend regular kratom leaves with extracts. This combines the well rounded effects of regular leaves with the stronger effects of a kratom extract.

Kratom pies
Kratom pies are a relatively recent innovation. They have the strength of an extract but instead they are little, malleable pies instead of the powder that extracts usually come in. This makes them easier to swallow, eat, or make into a tea.


Tinctures consist of combining the active alkaloids with a solvent, usually alcohol. This makes dosing only require a few drops, which are easily washed down with a glass of water or some tea. Tinctures also can have the potency of an extract. However, the extra benefits cost more than most extracts and almost all regular kratom leaves.

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