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Kratom Strain – What is the Best?

When you are buying kratom products online, you may notice that there are different types of kratom that is being sold such as this: “MaengDa kratom”. The fact the kratom grows on different countries in South East Asia gives kratom vendors, manufacturers and users confusion. That’s why they invented a method that they can use to easily identify the kind of kratom that they want to sell or buy.

Kratom Strain naming is done to create a detailed list of different kinds of kratom available in the market. Each strain is named either from the place it originated or from the color of the leaf’s veins. Here, we will discuss seven different kratom strains which are classified according to the places from where they came from.

The Maeng Da kratom, one of the most popular kratom strains on the market came from Thailand and it is known to produce extreme energizing effects.This is often referred to as the most potent kratom strain and is also often called by its alternative name “Pimp’s Kratom.” Some reports say that it is a genetically modified strain of kratom so it acquired such level of strength.

Bali kratom is a strain that came from Borneo. This kratom strain is a good must have if you use kratom for its painkilling effects. It also has a mildly sedating power making it increase yourstrength while keeping out the annoying pain that you feel. There are other different sub-strain that is has: old school Bali, total relaxation Bali, mellow Bali, energetic Bali, and espresso Bali.

Thai kratom strain is the most popular kratom strain in the market, which is obviously the most popular because kratom is a native tree from Thailand.Its primary characteristic is its energizing effect. But because of Thai government’s restriction to the use and propagation of kratom, you can hardly find a pure kratom strain on the market.

Sumatran kratom on the other hand has two popular sub-strains: white vein and red vein. White vein Sumatran kratom is known to produce euphoric effects, making a person more talkative and sociable. Red vein on the other hand produces a gentler effect compared to all other kratom strains.

Riau Kratom strain which came from south-western parts of Sumatra. This kratom strain is said to have a milder and sweeter taste compared to all other kratom strain out there. This is further sub divided into two other strains called the green and red vainRiau kratom strain.

Indo kratom is a strain found in Indonesia. It is also one of the top selling kratom strains in the world.

Malay kratom is obviously found in Malaysia. This is known to have the longest effects from all of the kratom strains (which some reports says that it lasts for eight hours!). It is also possible to feel the effect of Malay kratom for an entire day.

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